Health & Safety policy

Saffron Energy Plc is dedicated to pursuing the highest Health and Safety standards in the workplace.


We regard Environmental awareness and Sustainability as key strengths in planning and carrying out our business activities. Saffron’s daily operations are conducted in a way that adheres to these principles and we are committed to their continuous improvement. 

Environmental sustainability and Health and Safety in the workplace are recognised as an integral part of our business strategy and corporate citizenship. 

In every instance, we aim to employ the most advanced technology and know-how and to apply the most suitable precautionary measures to each situation while adhering to the highest safety standards. 

Scope and purpose 

The Company’s main objective is to create a work environment where risks are constantly monitored and minimised, therefore limiting the exposure to risk for our workers, contractors, consultants and visitors. 

Health and Safety in the work place and environmental protection are part of the responsibilities of each individual involved in our operations, and Saffron aims to supply all necessary tools to guarantee the highest level of safety awareness and engagement by our employees and contractors. Appropriate protection policies are an important selection criterion for contractors, whose activities are monitored for compliance. 


Saffron has developed a series of procedures and routine checks (including periodical audits) to ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements and best practices.  [These are summarised in our integrated HSE Management System (SGSL)]. 

Management endorses these principals at all company levels and actively integrates them into the HSE Management System. Management and site supervisors are responsible for the correct application of the HSE Management System and its upkeep. 

Contractors and subcontractors’ activities are required to be carried out in compliance with the Company’s HSE policy and in full compliance with all HSE laws currently in force. 

The Company’s Health, Safety and Environmental policies are also based on the principle of transparent communication. Specifically, each project is managed to ensure open and constructive communication flow with relevant stakeholders. Furthermore, Saffron is committed to maintaining effective communication with government authorities, both national and local, and directly with the communities where our operational activities take place.