The Bezzecca gas field is an approved production field ready to bring into production.

Its first well, Bezzecca 1 is located 7 km from the existing Vitalba gas production plant and is ready for to be connected through a newly constructed tie-in pipeline. All approvals and agreements with land owners for the pipeline are in place and a head contract for construction has been signed. The cost of the pipeline is expected to be EUR2.2m and contracts for construction have been signed.  Construction commenced in mid-September and, subject to weather conditions, is expected to be completed over a twenty-week period.  After a short commissioning period production will commence.

First gas production from the Bezzecca 1 commenced in April 2017.  The initial plan now is to operate all three levels with an estimated combined flow of 30,000-35,000 cubic meters per day (scm/day). Development approval has also been granted for a second production well (Bezzecca 2) and plans to drill and complete this well will commence shortly. Gas from Bezzecca 2 will also be processed from the Vitalba processing plant which has sufficient capacity for both the Bezzecca 1 and 2 wells.