The Sillaro field is located in the province of Bologna and was originally explored by ENI between 1955 and 1982 with seven wells drilled in and around the structure.

The field contains gas bearing zones in the Pliocene level at a depth of 2,100 metres. The deeper Miocene level, at a depth of 2,500 metres, was previously drilled by ENI and found to have a gas bearing reservoir.

In July 2009, drilled it was drilled a second well (Sillaro-2dir) intersecting the Pliocene gas reservoirs designed to produce from multiple levels and to increase overall flow rates and optimise total field recovery.

Since production commenced in 2010, Sillaro has proved a strong revenue and cash flow generator, generating over EUR 30 million in revenue and EUR 23 million in operating cashflow.

The Sillaro gas production field is currently producing at limited rates from one of its two historic production wells.  The field still has unproduced gas from its Pliocene reserves and also from the deeper Myocene levels. The plan for this field is to secure a farm-in partner to drill a side track well from the existing production area to access the deeper Miocene reserves and Pliocene levels which have been identified but are not currently completed.